Boring day.
Today we had a talk into class, about semesterholiday.
Mr Bremer plans to visit berlin with us.
First he said next year, now he said 2008.
it s to late i find.but then i.m 16 and i can drink alcohol and smoking shisha in a shisha bar. Oh and i want to go in a Gaybar in Berlin too ^^but i think bremer don.t let us doing what we want. We must like ever dance on his nose.

i want to visit england. :D hrhrhr it s a great land with great breakfast^^^jummy

in february 2007 i fly to england, visit my sister in oxford. :D:D:D and then ill take a britisch breakfast with sausages, eggs, beans, toast and honey. not to forget the tea =)

hmmm i feel lonley at moment...=/ want a little this guy.

soooo cuty <3

4.12.06 19:16

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Kriss (4.12.06 19:35)
Schaaaaaaaaaaaaatz -_-"
Don´t feel lonely k?
You have me ,don´t cha?XD
My country
I´ll move there soon =)
but nooow I have to....

lieb you

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